10 Facts About Me.

As this is my first official post here on, I thought it might be apt to share with you some facts about myself, as a way of introduction.




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I used to write another blog which was mostly dedicated to writing stories using The Sims as a form of inspiration.
It’s still there if you wanted to check it out – here



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Which leads me to say, I’m a huge geek, I love gaming and simulation games have always been my go to.



I’m left-handed, strictly speaking, I’m ambidextrous but mostly I prefer to use my left hand for writing and other creative ventures, whereas I use my right hand for anything involving tools or practical pursuits.



I’m an introvert. I appreciate that that’s what it says in my tagline so this is a pretty obvious fact, but being an introvert is no small thing, it’s definitely not easy and socialising, in particular, proves difficult, not because I can’t talk to people but more because afterwards, I tend to need to sleep for a week in order to recover!



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I work at a veterinary practice and have done for the past 15 years.
I pretty much went straight to work from school and was lucky enough to be offered a position at my local veterinary practice on reception.
A decade and a half later and I’m still there, it’s a nice job, extremely varied and I get to cuddle lots of pets on a day to day basis.



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I suffer from depression – or at least I have in the past.
These days that particular gremlin of mine is tucked away somewhere but I have no doubt that I’ll see him again.


Lucid Dreaming

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I can dream lucidly.
Not every time, but if I concentrate before I go to sleep I can usually shape my dreams and go off exploring, it’s pretty nifty. Occasionally I end up having nightmares and it’s nice to be able to do something to wake myself up!



I love squashed things.
No, I don’t mean roadkill, I mean Pug dogs and Persians cats Say what you will about how ugly they are and how they have a horrendous amount of health problems due to their breeding and I’ll show you three perfectly healthy pugs with no breathing problems in the slightest, the youngest of which can keep up with a Springer Spaniel and walk just as far.



I have a candle obsession.
This fits in quite nicely with my book obsession as it appears (Unbeknown to me) that books and candles are a perfect mix and over on Etsy there’s whole tonne of crafty peeps who make gorgeous bookish candles based on various different fandoms and books. YAY!
Plus, next year I’m hoping to embark on another venture, a candle-related Etsy shop of my very own! Watch this space!



I love Horror.
Horror movies, horror books… I especially love anything Sci-Fi, Paranormal and Psychological related horror. Some of my favourite novels are written by Graham Masterton and Richard Laymon.

So there you go! Ten facts about me!
Share something about yourself in the comments down below!

Until next time,


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