2018 Goals

My life goals for 2018

Last Monday I woke up and I felt… down.
I had no motivation, I felt lethargic and fuzzy headed. I wasn’t sick, I just felt fed up with the same old daily grind, the getting up and ready for work, the slog that is everyday life.
I even wrote a tweet along the lines of “Seriously can’t be arsed”. (No surprises I didn’t get any likes or retweets from this little gem of positivity)


This is not the sort of person I want to show to the world, I want to be one of those people who are eager to get up every morning – their minds awash with amazing ideas, the possibilities of the day igniting somewhere deep inside of them and showering everyone in the vicinity with some sort of contagious enthusiasm- but alas, that is not me.

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I’d say I’m not a morning person, but when I think about it, I probably could be if I actually enjoyed my occupation enough.


This is not to say that I take my job for granted, 9/10 times I enjoy it, it’s varied and it keeps me interested, but it’s the same old thing, isn’t it? I’m working for someone else, I’m working to put money in someone else’s pocket and that’s not enough for me, I want more.


I’m not talking about a massive salary, a gorgeous house and 2 cars to my name; I’m talking about a vocation which helps people, which helps me. Something that lights a flame of passion within me and causes me to become productive, to want to get up in the morning and MOVE.

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So, I was trying to think about how I can feel that way and that’s one of the reasons I started this blog.


I think a sense of purpose in life is underrated, I feel like personally, I need to have goals in order to feel as though I am striving towards something, without that it really seems like there’s no point in doing anything, and so that familiar slip into depression begins again.

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I think the person I want to be and the person I am are completely different at the moment, I want to take life by the horns, be ambitious, a hard worker. I want to work out more, I want to put my all into everything I do, so what don’t I? Why do I self-sabotage?
Do I feel like I’m not good enough? Am I afraid of failure? Am I afraid of success?
I have no idea.


They say that psychologically speaking, you shouldn’t mention your goals to others because it tricks your brain into thinking you’ve already achieved them but with January right around the corner I’m thinking setting goals and putting them out there at this point might be a good idea, after all, it means it’s there, in black and white and you guys can see how I fare.


It’s December, 4th 2017 and I’m making a pact with myself, I’m setting my goals for 2018.
So, what do I want to achieve in 2018?

  • I want to lose weight. No joke, this time it’s for real. I’m going to lose 2 stone and I’m going to feel happier and healthier for it.
  • I’m going to exercise at least 3 times per week, whether that’s meeting my goal of 10k steps, working out or simply walking the pugs more, I’m going to achieve it.
  • I’m going to finish my novel, the one that’s been in my mind for the past 2 years and hasn’t actually made it any further than a few scraps of paper with random details written on them, sure, it’s a start but it’s not progress.
  • I’m going to start making candles and selling them on Etsy. I need more equipment for this currently, so this is something I’ll explore later in the year, but it will be done, and by this time next year, I’ll be up and running.

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I feel all these goals are obtainable, I just need to look into ways of managing them in baby steps.
I’ll keep you guys updated every Sunday with how I’m doing.
I feel excited as well as apprehensive right now, but I’m positive that by this time next year I’ll look back and I’ll be thankful I set these goals today, and that I’m using this blog to hold myself accountable.
Are you setting goals/resolutions for the new year? What are they? In what way do you hold yourself accountable? Are you a goal setter or do you prefer to wing it?
Share your thoughts down below!

Until next time,


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