A Court of Frost and Starlight: A Review

A Court of Frost and Starlight – A Review.


You can find a video of me babbling about this book here

I’ve literally just put down this novella and made myself a nice cup of coffee because I feel like I definitely need it.
Suffice to say, I was not blown away in the slightest by Sarah J Maas’ latest addition to the ACOTAR legacy.


Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the story, kind of. If you can call it a story? The book itself is a mere 230 pages or so and within those pages pretty much nothing happens.
I almost feel like this novella could never have existed and I might feel better for it.
That sounds harsh and like I say, I did enjoy the book, but I don’t really understand it’s point.


The story is told from Feyre and Rhysand’s first-person point of view, alternating; mixed in with these views are the perspectives of some of the other characters.
It’s winter solstice and therefore Feyre’s birthday, a cause for celebration within Valeris, the characters we’ve grown to love are shopping for their loved ones, decorating their homes and drinking wine. It’s all festive fun.


The chapters involving Cassian and Morrigan add a little darkness to the story, then there’s Nesta who is still feeling salty and Elain who hasn’t clue what she’s doing but knows she hates the thought of getting together with Lucian and seems drawn to Azriel. (Hurrah, personally I feel a much better match, but I digress)
Other than this, nothing really happens. There’s a strange sort of undertone to Valeris where I almost feel they’re not overly accepting of Feyre and her new title but maybe that’s just me.


All I do know is, that as much as I love them, I have had it with Feyre and Rhysand. I’m bored of them, I feel like their story has been told and although I’m sure it’s lovely, their “happily ever after” is dull. I mean, they’re paired, right? We know what happens now, I don’t need another story about it. I want to see more Lucian, I want more Azriel. I want to see more dynamics from the supporting characters.
There’s a point that I even wanted more from Tamlin, and I don’t even like him (Who does?!) Rhysand kicking him when he’s down was somewhat upsetting, I felt bad for Tamlin and felt Rhysand was being a huge douche, am I supposed to feel this way, I don’t know.


I have no doubt that the next book in the series will rekindle my love. It would appear we’re getting Nesta and Cassian’s point of view and I love that.
Sarah J Maas’ writing, as usual, is a wonderful read, descriptive and beguiling, I flew through the book and it’s well paced, the chapters are broken up in just the right places to keep my interest peaked.
All in all, I’m glad I preordered this novella and I have it on my shelf, but it’s not a must-read for this series and if I hadn’t read it I wouldn’t feel I’d have missed out at all.



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