The Meme Book Tag

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I thought it might be fun to do a tag which I’ve seen being shared around the booktubing community just recently – this is the meme tag, a set of questions which each coincide with a different popular meme, should be interesting!

1. Crying Kim K Meme – A book that made you cry

This has got to be Turning Point by Freya North, I cried like a small child. It’s a contemporary fiction with the most wonderful set of characters that you just can’t help but fall in love with, suffice to say tragedy hits and I was left sobbing in a ball of tears and snot.

2. Salt Bae – A Book that needed something a little more.

The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison.
This is a thriller centred around the relationship of Jodi and Todd – right from the get-go we understand that something is going to happen which causes Jodi to murder her husband and the story is told from their alternating perspectives. The book has a lot of promise and it’s well written, Jodi’s character, in particular, is really interesting but the ending of this story fell completely flat for me. I was expecting more and it was definitely anti-climactic.


3. Guy thinking – A Book that made you think.

A Road Less Travelled by Scott M Peck.
This book was first published in the 1970’s but its content remains relevant and profound.
I spent and continue to spend a lot of time reflecting on the words of Peck, how the things we put off only add to our unhappiness and how to apply basic psychology to our everyday lives in order to feel better in ourselves.

4. Confused Guy – A Book whose hype you don’t understand.

City of Bones and City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare.
I’m going to get a lot of hate for this, I totally appreciate that but this is my opinion – I haven’t read the rest of the series yet, so things could change but taking this novel as a standalone I really don’t get the Shadowhunters hype. I just can’t get on with it. I find Clary insipid and irritating, Jace is an ass… the only character I like is Magnus… I don’t understand a certain character dynamic (If you’ve read it, you know what I mean) The concept of these books is fantastic and it definitely appeals to me, but I really don’t understand why so many people rate these books as highly as they do. Not my thing at all.

5. Evil Patrick – A Guilty Pleasure Read

Gonna be honest, I have a few but the main one which comes to mind is The Intimate Adventures of a Call Girl by Belle de Jour.
This book is exactly what the title suggests and although its contents could be described as total smut I absolutely loved it. It’s terrible, absolute trash, but Belle makes for a wonderful narrator, and although it almost certainly isn’t believable, and it 100% glamorises the sex industry, I loved it in all it’s trashy, slutty and smutty glory.


6. Meryl Streep – A Book You’re Always Hyping Up.

This has got to be Strange the Dreamer. Oh hell, I love this novel, it’s perfection.
Sublime and intoxicating, this book transports me elsewhere. It’s beautifully written and the characters are to die for. Following Lazlo Stranger and his journey to the city of Weep, this book has gods, romance, adventure and is pure magic.


7. Successful Baby – A Book Whether you liked it or not, that you felt accomplished finishing.

Lord of the Rings – J R R Tolkien.
This book took me ages to read, absolutely forever. I’m not sure why that is, I read it alongside some others and I almost feel like I wanted to experience it slowly and fully immerse myself in the story. Anyway, I almost wanted to cheer when I finished it.

8. Pennywise – A Book that had a promising concept or high expectations for but ultimately let you down.

The Girls by Emma Cline.
I kind of didn’t want to include this one here because I haven’t shared my wrap up for this month yet but I finished this book recently and I hated it.
A few people had told me they were disappointed upon finishing this novel and told me not to bother, but as always I wanted to form my own opinion. Turns out, I should have listened. The book was weird, it follows a young teen call Evie who joins a cult similar to that of Charles Manson. It sounded promising, but in the end, I just ended up feeling gross and I actually cried at the death of one of the victims. No.


9. Headphones Guy – An audiobook that you enjoyed.

I don’t do audiobooks, so I’m gonna twist this and tell you about a tv adaptation I prefered over the book. That would be 13 Reasons Why by Jay Ascher.
I loved this series so much, I was so much more into it that the novel which seemed 2D and lacklustre in comparison.
13 Reasons Why follows the tale of Hannah Baker, a girl who kills herself after leaving her reasons why recorded on audiotapes, before her death she forwards the tapes to everyone who had a hand in her suicide. I cried. I seem to do that a lot.


10. Distracted Guy – Two books, one you’ve been neglecting on your TBR for a long time and one that’s distracting you, piquing your interest.

So the book that’s been on my TBR for ages now is the City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty – I think the main reason for that is because it’s so huge, secondly, for some reason it’s just never come up in my book picking method – I have a jar full of little slips of paper which I pick titles out at random.
The book that’s totally distracting me is Artemis by Andy Weir – I’m definitely going to read this before the City of Brass – I plan on starting it when I’ve finished my May TBR.

11. Catch me Outside Girl: A book that tried to be something it’s not.

Severed by Simon Kernick.
I love thrillers. I love horrors. I didn’t love this book, it was like some sort of weird mystery or something. The main character wakes up in bed to find himself lying beside the mutilated body of his girlfriend with no recollection as to how he got there. He receives a phone call basically blackmailing him to carry out a series of actions otherwise evidence perpetrating him as the murderer will be forwarded to the police. It sounded so good. It really wasn’t.
The characters are boring and I didn’t relate to them in the slightest. Tyler, the main character shows little care for the fact that his girlfriend has died and spends the majority of the time mentioning how attractive he finds other women, the story itself if cliche and tried too hard to be this fast-paced, exciting adventure but it mostly just sucked.

Dog in a fire – How many unread books do you own?

I own 56 unread books. I am so happy with that! I honestly thought it was more! This being said, it is my birthday in a few weeks so the TBR will grow.

13. Pick a meme that wasn’t featured and a book to go with it:
Conspiracy Keanu – A book that confused the heck out of you.

White Silence by Jodi Taylor.
I read this late last year alongside a good friend of mine, it follows the story of a woman who is gifted, she sees people’s auras and with that can read into their psyche and their souls, finding out about their intentions and how they’re feeling.
When her husband dies suddenly, she finds herself being forced to stay at the institution at which he worked prior to his death.
It’s a twisty turny supernatural thriller which I absolutely loved… right up until the end which I really, really didn’t understand. Neither did my friend. It confused the heck out of me. It still does. If anyone has read it and wants to let me know what happened I’d be grateful!

Annnnd that’s it for the “Meme Book Tag”! I hope you enjoyed my answers, let me know if you do decide to take part in this tag too, I’ll love to read your responses and if you have a booktube channel be sure to share the link!

Until next time,
S x

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