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Good day to you Bookworms!

My last post was in May of this year, mostly because I suck at timekeeping and was unable to juggle everything I currently had going on.
I’m back and I’m hoping to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis from here on out – hoping to, obviously I can’t promise anything but 52 posts a year seems pretty feasible to me.
Today I wanted to share with you a read-a-thon I am taking part in which runs from the 24th of this month through to the 31st.
“But Heath, what’s a readathon?” You say.
Well, bookworms, a readathon is a challenge which multiple individuals take part in simultaneously, it has usually been devised by an incredibly creative and passionate bibliophile.

w0zDs_Oi_400x400 (1)

Click the pic to go to the official Witch-A-Thon Twitter!

In this case, the readathon in question is called “The WitchAThon” and it was created by the talented Rhiannon AKA as Crescent Moon Reads over on YouTube.
The WitchAThon is comprised of 7 reading challenges each with their own reading prompt. The idea is to complete all of these challenges within the week time span.


Rhiannon / Crescent Moon Reads

“What for?” you’re wondering.
For funsies of course!
I for one am behind my current Goodreads reading goal so am eager to use this readathon to get a little more up to speed with things and hopefully smash my target to smithereens!

The Challenges


This time of year is all about preparing for the dark, and gathering enough harvest for winter, read a book that is bound to make you warm and happy.


Light a candle for your ancestors, and read by candlelight.


For both of these prompts I have chosen none other than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I’ve not read it in ages and I adore Harry Potter so am looking forward to heading back to Hogwarts once again!


This is a time for honouring our kin. – Samhain is more widely known as Halloween🎃 read a spooky horror/thriller novel!


The veil between worlds is thinnest, read a book that has paranormal elements.


For these two prompts, I have chosen The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty. It’s super spooky, has paranormal elements and fingers crossed it’ll give me multiple chills. I am both excited and a little bit terrified!


In honour of your ancestors, read a book that features your ethnic heritage.


To honour my ancestors I have decided to read a book set in Yorkshire, it’s my birthplace and the place that my family more or less established themselves many, many moons ago.
The book is called Gods Own Country and it’s written by Ross Raisin.


Every witch needs their coven, buddy read a book!


For the buddy read I scoured Twitter for other people who might like to join me in this awesome ReadAThon, there I found my coven and we’re going to read We Have Always Lived in The Castle by Shirley Jackson. It’s a mystery/thriller and sounds like a fantastic match for this readathon.


Read the group book, The Girl Who Drank The Moon

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Finally, we have the group book, The Girl Who Drank The Moon by Kelly Barnhill.
This is a middle-grade book about a town who every year sacrifice a newborn baby by leaving them in the woods as an offering to the witch who resides there.
Little known to them, the witch is good and kind, she takes the babies in, feeds them starlight and gives them to families on the other side of the forest.
One day, the witch accidentally feeds one of the newborns moonlight instead of starlight which infuses the child with a powerful magic and the witch decides to raise the little girl as her own.
I’m super intrigued by this, I think this book will be enchanting and spellbinding – what more could you possibly want from a read this time of year?

So there you have it! My plans for the WitchAThon!
Why not take part yourself? This challenge was set on YouTube however you don’t need to record your progress if that’s not your thing – a couple of the people I’m buddy reading with don’t have channels themselves, we’re following each other’s progress over on Twitter, so there are other ways to do this too.
What do you think of my selected books? Have you read any of these and what did you think?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and until next time, have yourselves a really good one!

Heath x

See the video version of this post here


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