BOOK REVIEW: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black


The Cruel Prince
Holly Black

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Welcome to another book centred around those pesky and mysterious Fae.
The Cruel Prince is a YA Fantasy Fiction novel written by Holly Black and published by Little, Brown and Company in January 2018.
In this story, the main character is sent to live with the fae following the deaths of her parents, where she spends her days with her sisters being ridiculed and bullied for being a mere mortal.

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The story begins with the girl’s being taken in by the perpetrator of their parent’s murder as young girls and then fast forwards 10 years to their lives as they are now, in the land of the faerie.
Jude- the narrator of the story is somewhat rebellious and feisty, she wants nothing more than to prove that she is as good as the fae, immortal or not and she is determined to prove herself.

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The main thing which hooked me and caused me to want to continue turning pages was the fact that as soon as I found out that Jude was being bullied I desperately wanted her to get her revenge.
The conflict between the parties is so well devised and so well written that I could definitely empathise with our main character and I so wanted the bullies to get what they deserved.

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Later, we learn more about how Jude hopes to earn her place within the fae kingdom and this part of the story certainly puts an interesting spin on things.
The characters in this book fell a little flat for me, I adore character driven plot over anything else and I did find this book didn’t have much in the way of character development but I’m hoping that changes in The Wicked King which is the next book to be released.
All the characters are complex, flawed and well thought out, but there’s nothing really to push them forward and make them grow as people, so it’s almost as though they were planned adeptly and with thoughtful precision but then lack personality in the story itself.

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This novel is a slow burn, with most of the action taking place towards the end of the story but it worked for me – I was willing to indulge myself in its pages and the whole bullying concept spurred me on enough to keep me wanting to know more.

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All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I read it quickly, I gave this book 5/5 stars and am looking forward to The Cruel Prince which is expected to be released on January 8th, 2019.
So there are my thoughts on this wonderful YA fantasy novel by Holly Black!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below and until next time,
Have yourselves a really good one!

H x

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