Top Five…
Independent Ladies of Fiction

Good day to you bookworms!
It’s that time again – Top Five Wednesday hurrah, hurrah!
I missed last Wednesday due to the fact that I was becoming closely acquainted with my bathroom once again so that was an enjoyable way to spend my evening, anyway, I’m feeling a tonne better now so we’re back to it!
Ladies of fiction, they’re so important (and men, obviously, but we’re talking ladies today) the following list is a compilation of badass females with whom I have identified with, loved, crushed on, or just wanted to be – in no particular order…


  • Luna Lovegood.


How can you not love this little ball of INFP goodness? I adore her, she’s absolutely bloody bonkers and does she give a crap? No, she does not.
Even when people steal her stuff and hide it, Luna has good faith that it’ll all come right in the end.
Wearing ridiculous glasses? Luna’s there. Got a problem with Wrackspurts, she’ll spot ‘em for you. Worried about Nargles? Ask Luna and she’ll make you a cork necklace.
Luna has an uncanny ability to read people – she seems as though she’s off in her own little world, but then comes out with something so profound and thoughtful that Harry doesn’t know what to do with himself. I love her. (Plus she’s Ravenclaw)


  • Celaena Sardothein


OK, so I appreciate that her name changes at some point but I only read the first book in the Throne of Glass series and haven’t got that far, OK?
Celaena is a badass femme, she takes no shite and despite being beautiful she doesn’t give her looks much thought, she just goes about being a sassy bitch and taking no crap. I love her for it. I still need to finish the series, obviously, but here’s hoping her totally badassery (Is that a word?!) continues!



  • Buffy Ann Summers


This girl.
Shit. I love her. So much.
Buffy was something of a role model growing up, I was in my early teens when I first watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I was like… “Who is this girl?”
Arguably, the first girl crush I had, Buffy was seriously amazing – a seemingly normal 16-year-old girl with this power bestowed upon her – she was something of a nerd at school (relatable) but she took no crap from bloody Cordelia Chase or anyone else, did she heck!
Not only that, she kicked ass on a daily basis, she was super smart, gorgeous and had a tall dark vampire fella who had a thing for her. (Tbh I kind of wanted a relationship between Buffy and Faith for a while there but ya know, can’t have it all.)
Frickkin’ love Buffy.


  • Starr Carter – THUG


Imagine seeing your friend gunned down by a cop, being the only witness and then having people come at you from all sides, attempting to dictate what you should do about your experience. That’s what our girl Starr has to put up with.
I read THUG and honestly, I couldn’t put it down. This book takes events which are happening the world over, every day and really puts them into perspective.
This character may be a work of fiction, but her situation certainly isn’t, and that makes her an incredibly strong and important character.



  • Arya Stark


I kind of reckon that if Arya was my little sister she would 100% do my head in, she’d nick my stuff, I doubt she’d be into reading and she’d tease my lack of physical skill BUT I love her drive, her ambition, the fact that she has her dreams and she goes after them no matter what happens.
Arya is a feisty little know-it-all with a sharp tongue as well as a sharp sword and I love her for it!


So that’s my top 5 Independent ladies of fiction!
Love these girls and they are totally in my squad.
Who are your fave ladies? Let me know in the comments below!
That’s all for today though,

Until next time,


H x

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