Top Five… Love Interests I’d Break Up With!

Top Five…
Love Interests to break up with!


Good day to you bookworms!
Today’s Top Five centres around those fictional love interests which I just wouldn’t be able to deal with on any level.
Guys and gals who’s faults I just can’t get past, whose habits have me cringing and whose personality rubs me up completely the wrong way.
This is also known as a huge bitchfest. Sorry in advance.
Let’s go!

Tara from Buffy


Ok, hear me out.
I know she’s sweet and cute and kind but she’s just so… bland.
I hate the way Willow and Tara baby talk each other – I can’t stand that in a relationship. I am not one for pet names. AT ALL. Not to be confused with compliments, which I love – lol
I imagine Tara would be the sort of girlfriend to call me “Baby” and “Sweetie” “Honey” NO THANK YOU. I don’t want a simpering, doting girlfriend who’s all mushy and clingy. Go away.

Ross from Friends


Where to begin with this one!
I know I am not alone haha
Ross is a hypocritical, possessive, jealous stick in the mud.
He has issues with a male nanny for reasons I just can’t ascertain, he cheats on Rachel (Yes, they were on a break but he knew what he was doing was wrong and if it had been the other way around all hell would have broken loose) He freaks out with jealousy when Rachel starts working with a male co-worker… he’s just an insecure little boy with an emotional IQ in minus figures and I can’t deal with a guy who is that uncomfortable with his sexuality. Boy, bye!

Harry Potter


I love Harry, AS A FRIEND.
He is kind of irritating though, he’s impulsive and selfish, he totally blames Cho for getting upset over the death of Cedric Diggory, he could have easily explained the Goblet of Fire shenanigans but chose not to, he gives the impression of thinking he’s above rules, also, can we talk about the Yule Ball in which he had a gorgeous date but chose to sulk and be miserable instead of trying to enjoy himself? He ruined the whole thing for himself and his date as well. Jerk.
I want a guy who respects others, who isn’t selfish and who knows how to have fun.

Bella from Twilight


Can a character get any more cardboard?
I’m all for being devoted to your love but shit, this girl takes it to the next level!
Everything this girl does is for her significant other, she is nothing without her beloved Edward and I just want to scream at her to get a personality and interests which aren’t recycled from her vampire spouse.
No, I like a spouse to take an interest, but I don’t want to date someone who follows me around like a lost puppy. Sorry, Bella.


Martin Gilmour from The Party

515Xt1BvMpL (1)


Ok, so this is a little-known character from a book I read recently, but I had to include him because he is insanely bad.
Martin is a peculiar guy who has a crush on his male best friend (I get that that means I’m not his type but still)
Martin is in denial about his sexuality, he kills animals for fun, he doesn’t know how to be affectionate and he marries a woman he doesn’t love just keep up appearances. He also has zero social skills and is mean and rude for no reason.
Do I really need to state as to why I’d break it off with this guy?

Haha, this was actually fun!
Can you think of characters who really irritate you too? Who embody qualities which you really despise? Let me know in the comments down below!

Until next time,
H x

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