TOP FIVE: Fictional Places I’d Take a Date!

Top Five:
Fictional Date Locations


We’re almost done with February and Valentines is over for another year.
This month’s top five posts have all been centred on love/relationships and our final Top Five Wednesday is no different.
We’re talking dates and my top 5 fictional locations to get romantic.
Let’s go!

Rivendell – The Lord of the Rings.

Rivendell is an elven realm which was founded and watched over by Elrond, also known as Arwen’s father, here is a peaceful sanctuary where everyone is welcome to seek tranquillity and safety.
Beautiful waterfalls, serene forests, exquisite architecture… I can’t help but feel that this would be a wonderfully relaxing date location.


The Three Broomsticks – Hogsmeade – Harry Potter.

Ahh, the bustling village of Hogsmeade! I imagine rows of pretty daffodils lining stone walls, little shops bursting with trinkets and toys and, of course, The Three Broomsticks, owned by the voluptuous Madam Rosmerta and home to the delectable butterbeer!
Surely, this would be a prime location for a date – a few drinks in the pub and then a lovely potter (!!) around the shops. Yes, please!


Velaris – The City of Starlight – A Court of Thorns and Roses series.


What is more romantic than sitting and staring at the stars together? Cuddling under a moonlit sky with a beautiful mountainous landscape on the horizon?
I’m not a huge fan of shopping, but Velaris is home to many creative shopkeepers and I just know I’d find some beautiful hidden gems in this beautiful, secret city of The Night Court.


Caraval – The Caraval Series – Stephanie Garber.


There’s something so incredibly attractive to me about the Caraval set up in Stephanie Garber’s novels. It’s so magical, so mysterious… and the idea of getting dressed up and playing a game totally appeals to me, almost like a fantasy escape room with actors. Yes.

Old Town Cattaro, Montenegro – Wicked Like a Wildfire – Lana Popovic.


This book is written in such an immersive and magically descriptive way and its setting seems absolutely stunning. I would love to go on an (albeit very expensive) date to Old Town Cattaro with its gleaming white buildings, sweet, cobbled streets lined with shops and cafés, the roofs of which are streaming with hanging baskets, the scent of fresh cupcakes from the bakery, the sounds of buskers singing in the street. How wonderfully romantic!

So there you have it, my top 5 locations!
I think if we’ve learnt anything about me today it’s that I like food and peace!

Where would you take a date if you could go somewhere from a book you’ve read? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


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