They Called Me Wyatt – Natasta Tynes (REVIEW)

They Called Me Wyatt – Natasha Tynes:
A Review



I was very kindly supplied with the e-book version of this novel in return for an honest review.
They Called Me Wyatt is a unique mystery novel which centres around a young Jordanian woman called Siwar who falls to her death on her 25th birthday.
Fast forward 3 years and she finds herself living once again – but trapped in the body of a 3-year-old American boy named Wyatt.
The story centres around Siwar’s untimely death – was it suicide or was she pushed? Siwar is now seeing the world through someone else’s eyes but able to dictate what Wyatt does in the hopes that she can uncover the truth about her fall on that fateful night.
I very much enjoyed this book – it’s original, I’ve never read anything like it before and I was immediately pulled into this “whodunit” kind of tale.
Siwar as a character was a little selfish and irritating at times, but the background on her personality, her experiences and her attitude towards her life whilst she was alive made for a very immersive read and it was certainly a page-turner.
I particularly liked hearing about her life in Jordan – a country which as a UK resident we hear a lot about but not in the sense of a Jordanian’s everyday life. This was incredibly interesting to me, the collision of culture – Siwar trying to find her place in Jordan, and in turn moving to America and then trying to identify as an American citizen, I empathised with her inability to feel like she belonged but always yearning for it.
The culture clash worked both ways which I thought was a nice touch – Wyatt as an adult finds himself visiting Jordan at one point and he too starts to see things from the perspective of a stranger in a foreign land, it was extremely fascinating to read.
I feel the subject matter of this novel was intriguing and well thought out, but I also felt like that characters were a little irritating at times, occasionally I wasn’t entirely sure who I was supposed to be rooting for – Siwar, obviously, but she definitely came across as obnoxious at times.
This is definitely one of those novels and concepts that I will think about for weeks to come.
I gave They Call Me Wyatt 3/5 stars.


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