Kiss Me, I’m Irish! Book Tag

Kiss Me, I’m Irish Tag!

Actually, I’m not even remotely Irish nor am I Christian so, ya know, but St Patrick’s day is this Sunday and I wanted to do something to commemorate this day despite not really having anything to do with it – I appreciate that a lot of people do!
The Kiss Me, I’m Irish* book tag was originally created by Erika SOS Books and you can follow the link to find her channel over on Booktube. (I’m not sure she’s active anymore though 😦 )
So let’s go!

1 – Green. A Book with a Green Cover.

Surprisingly, I don’t own that many books with green covers. What’s that all about? I have a vast collection of novels and only two of them are green. How bizarre. So here are some pictures of them.
Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao and Demon Thief by Darren Shan.

2 – Blarney – A book which deceived you into either liking it or was overhyped and you ended up disliking it.


I’m actually going to list my current read here, which is kind of a spoiler for my March wrap up, but I am SO NOT LIKING Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. It’s such a great idea and the world building is wonderful but the execution of this story is so, so, SO badly done. It’s taking me ages to get through this novel, I usually take 3 days for a book this size but I’m a week in and still have a quarter of the book to go! Arghhh

3 – Brogue (Dialect) A book where one of the characters has an accent.


Sometimes you read a book and the author has written their characters so well that you just know they have an accent whilst you’re reading it, their voice in your head is entirely whatever ethnicity the author had planned for the character and I love that! For this question I’m going to mention Slayer by Kiersten White – this book is actually set in the Dublin area of Ireland and without a doubt, many of the characters speak with an Irish accent.

4 – Lephrechaun – A book you enjoyed when you were a little person.


When I was around 5 or 6 I used to adore Brambly Hedge stories. These were books about field mice living in the English countryside and setting up home in Brambly Hedge. They were such sweet little stories.  I had physical books of these as well as the audio tapes and I wish I still had them so I could share them with my little girl.

5 – Pot of Gold – A Book that cost a lot or is worth a lot to you.


The most expensive book I own is a collection of stories by H.P Lovecraft, it was a second-hand copy we got for a discount price in a used bookstore and I think it was around £20. I don’t think Lovecraft was a very nice person (He was a renowned racist and white supremacist) but there’s no denying that his writing laid a path for many of the authors I love today.

6 – Four Leaf Clover – (Shamrock) More than one book – pick your current or old fave series.


It’s got to be Harry Potter, right? I mean, that is a series of books I will never get bored of.

7 – Magic – A book that you found magical or a book with magical elements to the storyline which you enjoyed.

61+zre5WiGL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. This was such a well-written book, I truly loved every minute of it and the magic system was so well thought out.

8  -Kiss – Your current favourite book pairing or book pairing of all time.


I have no clue. I’m not really one for shipping characters in all honesty… so I’ll cheat and pick Buffy and Spike, if only so I can imagine myself as Buffy and snog that platinum haired Adonis’ face off.

9 – Luck – A book that you’ll be lucky to get to… someday.


Well, on my TBR I’ve had Under the Dome by Stephen King FOR AGES and I really want to pick it up but the feckin’ thing weighs a tonne. You could probably smack someone over the head with it and that person would be dead. It’s a murder weapon. It’s like a brick. You get the idea. That book is fecking huge and it scares the crap out of me. So yeah, one day… one day I will pick it up and read it. Today is not that day.


Finale by Stephanie Garber, in particular, the FairyLoot version which is available for pre-order now but that I can’t afford. It’s even signed and they have a whole box put together especially for it. I so want it, but I just can’t warrant spending £50 on it. I’m so gutted, but alas, I am an adult, and that £50 needs to spent on exciting things such as the heating bill, the food shop, basic necessities for staying alive. You know how it is.

So that’s it for the Kiss Me, I’m Irish Tag!*

Until next time, chums!

H x

*Please don’t kiss me, I am not Irish and I don’t know you. Stop being creepy.

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