Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik – REVIEW

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

A Review



Spinning Silver is a fantasy novel written by Naomi Novik and was originally published by Macmillan Hardcover in 2018.

I had heard that this novel took various elements from the tale Rumplestiltskin and was intrigued as to how this was to come about as that particular fairytale had been a favourite of mine when I was younger.

This story centres around 3 female characters the main protagonist being Miryam who is the daughter of a debt collector and ends up taking on her father’s occupation when he proves to be kind of useless at it.

Miryam is much more successful than her father and before long she has given the family more riches than they have ever had – this piques the interest of the Staryk King, a strange humanoid creature who lives in the woods and who believes Miryam can create gold from nothing.

This novel is written exquisitely, the world building and atmospheric prose are mystifying and intense – really beautifully done… unfortunately although remarkable, they are not enough for me to think this book was anything other than a complete waste of my time.

The book began interestingly enough but soon lost its way with the addition of multiple points of view – none of which are titled and all told in third person format which would be fine if any of the characters were easily differentiated from one another but alas, they are not.

Enter confusion. Who was speaking? Why do I care about this person? Who is this again? I was so frustrated by the lack of characterisation that I almost put this novel down, never to pick it up again.

Not only did I struggle to work out who was speaking at any given point, but the characters were also so dull and cardboard that I genuinely didn’t care.

I finally finished the book after a week-long slog and was left feeling bored and empty. I had had high expectations for this novel and they were dashed before the halfway point. Utterly disappointed.

I gave this novel a poor 2/5 rating.

Atmospheric and captivating world but very poorly executed in my opinion.

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