5 Signs You’re an Outgoing Introvert

The Outgoing Introvert


So, if you didn’t know, I am an absolute sucker for personality tests – not necessarily because I want to pigeonhole myself but more because feeling understood and understanding other people is high on my list of fun things to do.
I love people. I love learning about them, talking to them, seeing what makes them tick- but here’s where I get confused – I really dislike socialising in large groups, I need at least a week after a social occasion to recuperate and I can’t stand spontaneous outings, I need time to mentally prepare myself before I commit to doing anything social.
So – Introvert or Extrovert? When it comes to typology, these are your options – a person who gains energy from spending time with other people (Extrovert) or their opposite, the type of person who’s happier at home chilling and regaining energy that way (Introvert)
So what if you’re both? That’s certainly the way I feel, I love being around people, they don’t necessarily drain me but I definitely don’t actively seek out social occasions to attend in order to feel connected and a part of things – I’m happy at home in my own company and I rarely feel lonely.
So here’s where the Outgoing Introvert steps in, not sure where you fit in on the Extrovert / Introvert scale? Maybe you’re an Outgoing Introvert too – here are 5 signs of the Outgoing Introvert.

1 – Rich Inner World.

You spend a lot of time in your head, you like to mull over conversations and ideas, analysing them and thinking about them in fine detail. Not only this, you like to discuss what you’re thinking with trusted individuals and hear their points of view too.

2- You like to put others needs first.

You’re often thinking of others and how to make them feel comfortable, you like to relate to people and show empathy and let them know that you care. You’re compassionate and eager to help people close to you analyse their issues and come to a solution.

3 – Environment is everything.

Sometimes you’re the chatterbox and the centre of attention, but only when the atmosphere is right. If you’re at the gig of your favourite band you might be the life and soul, dancing and singing at the top of your voice, many people think of you as being extroverted, but take you out of that situation and into another crowded place with things going on that don’t interest you, then you become the introvert, quiet and a little withdrawn – it’s all about the environment.

4 – Shallow friendships won’t do.

Outgoing Introverts want to get to the nitty-gritty, small talk is not their favourite past time at all and friendship which centres around such a thing is unlikely to endure. Don’t discuss where you got your nails done or what the weather is like, talk about the planets, about religion, about dreams and beliefs – friendships centred around intense and imaginative subjects really get the outgoing introvert’s mind going.

5- Need time alone.

Don’t be surprised if your outgoing introvert is a little on the reclusive side occasionally – dropping off the radar for a week or so.
Despite being outgoing we’re still introverts and that, of course, means regaining energy in our own space and on our own. I definitely need to do this after socialising for long spells – even to the point where I need time away from my close family members to reflect. It’s not because I’m fed up of people or that they annoy me, it’s just that in order to re-energise I need to evaluate and still my mind for a time. This is difficult to do around other people.

Of course, as human beings it’s impossible to categorize people definitively – we’re complex beings and no one is truly 100% any personality type – just because you feel a certain stack of cognitive functions fits you doesn’t mean that you’re exactly as that type is described and no single personality type is better than another. You could argue that we’re all ambiverts or that because we’re all social beings in the grand scheme of things, that we’re all extroverts.
Wherever you fit on the scale you’re an amazing human being and sometimes if you don’t fit anywhere, it’s because you’re supposed to stand out!

Until next time,

Take Care

H x

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