About Me.

I’m a bookworm, through and through and I wanted to share my musings with you guys, my fellow bookworms!
I’ve always been a reader, a writer and an introvert, I’ve had pugs since I was 19 and I’ve been a mummy since 2014. This blog is written with these things in mind and is also a place for me to come to share how I feel about various different things. Untitled-2

So hey! My name’s Saffi and I live in Yorkshire, England with my family, 3 snuffling pugs and a massive TBR stack which is probably taller than me (Although I am only 5 ft 1 so, ya know, that’s not difficult)
I’m excited to share this blogging journey with you and eager to see what comes next!

 This blog will be updated every Wednesday and Sunday at 8PM GMT, stay tuned!